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CRM Re-Invented?

CRM Re-invented

By Ben Robinson | 3rd December, 2012 | Customer Management

At this year’s SapphireNow in Madrid, SAP made some significant announcements around their CRM portfolio and afforded us a little insight into what the future might hold for organisations deploying front-office solutions from them. The announcement that captured most headlines was that SAP CRM is now available to run on HANA (SAP’s high-performance in-memory computing [...]

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SAP: Off-The-Shelf CRM?


By Ben Robinson | 3rd April, 2011 | Customer Management

SAP’s latest contribution to the CRM software application market is Sales On-Demand, a software-as-a-service offering, targeted predominantly at the SME market sector. So what’s the verdict?

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Wedded Bliss

Wedded bliss

By Ben Robinson | 25th November, 2010 | Customer Management

Last week a salesman finally got around to calling me back, 18 months after I’d asked him to. It was the most positive customer experience I’ve had in ages.

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Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep

By Ben Robinson | 24th September, 2010 | Customer Management

Much has been written about the value and importance of the user interface in enterprise applications. Traditionally, consumer technology has represented the best of user interface design with technology for business applications lagging some way behind.

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