Enterprise Mobility Solution Centre

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In response to strong customer demand for mobile services and applications, we launched the AgilityWorks Enterprise Mobility Solution Centre (eMSC).  This dedicated business unit is made-up from leading experts and consultants with a mission statement to deliver best-in-class mobile applications and services for our clients.

AgilityWorks eMSC has been established upon the twin principles of agility and innovation; we deliver agile solutions which can be deployed quickly and simply, generating rapid return-on-investment for our customers; these solutions will flex and adapt in line with the needs of the organisation and its’ business processes.

AgilityWorks eMSC harnesses and exploits the latest advances in mobile technology to deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ business requirements in the most cost-effective ways possible.  We have industry-leading experience in the SAP / Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) platform as well as a broad suite of recognised mobile technologies including HTML5, Java, Javascript, Adobe Flex, Adobe Air and many more.

SAP Newsbyte:

Julian Bond, Head of ICT at Hillarys Blinds said “The use of mobile applications isn’t new to Hillarys, but as an innovative, customer centric organisation, we need to continue to use the most advanced technology available to us to benefit our customers.  AgilityWorks is enabling us to translate this potential into innovative solutions, reducing cost of ownership and enhancing business benefit.  The use of the SAP Unwired Platform (SUP) positions us to capitalise on rapidly evolving mobile technology, rather than continuing to be a hostage to it.” Click here to read the full press release.
To learn more about the Solution Centre and to hear why we were selected for the UK’s first SAP SUP Android implementation contact us today.

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