Big Data is changing the world

Big Data isn’t a silver bullet that will solve all your data problems, but it will certainly add value if your business relies on data.


And that needs to be every industry, and every business, because guess what? Your competitors are already doing this; improving customer retention, driving new sales, and optimising distribution.


How? Because they are seeing into the future with a high level of confidence. Don’t you want to know as much about your customers as Facebook, Google and Amazon know about you? These are the visionary companies that invented these technologies and use them every day. Join them.


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The seven deadly sins of Big Data projects

    • 1. Stakeholders don't fully appreciate how Big Data can radically change their business


2. Lack of clearly defined business outcomes

3. Absence of a data-driven culture

4. Overpromising, under delivering

5. Lack of skilled team members

6. Being technology led, rather than outcome led


7. Wrong technology or architectural decisions



Identification and definition of business outcomes
Data Analytics and Data Visualisation
Data governance and security
Hadoop eco-system and associated commercial distributions
Identification and definition of use cases

Achieve the flexibility, scalability, expandability and economics that will provide competitive advantage now and in the future.


Your first approach to defining your initial strategy should be with a clear focus on business outcomes.

We can help you identify the killer use cases for your organisation, such as Single View of the Customer or Best Next Action.


Then, investing in the right technology is a must to ensure data is being captured in the right way and can be mined efficiently. 

Maximise the benefits of Big Data by capitalising on the real-time information and ‘dark data’ flowing through your organisation. 


Data must be optimised for you to be able to respond dynamically to the increasing demands of your customers; with automated business processes, better agility and improved economics.


By aligning your business and IT strategies, the skillsets of your employees, and your existing enterprise architecture, we can help you navigate the complex range of technology options available - cloud or on-premise; licensed or open-source – or a hybrid solution. We will ensure a Big Data and analytics landscape that is designed for, and right for, your organisation.

Make use of Agile methodologies best practice to quickly deliver incremental value.


Big Data technology must support search, development, governance and analytics for all data types—from application and transaction data to machine and sensor data to social, image and geographic data, and much more.


We create repeatable automated processes to help you seamlessly move from Proof of Concept to hardened production system.

Our partners

MapR enables organisations to create disruptive advantage and long-term value from
their data with the industry’s only Converged Data Platform, which delivers distributed
processing, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade requirements across cloud and
on-premise environments—while leveraging the significant ongoing development in
open source technologies including Spark and Hadoop.

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“There is no way of shrink-wrapping what we do.

We do different things for different companies but always with the aim of helping them

become more agile.”


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