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This very hands-on workshop has something for everyone, from exec level stakeholders through to development and technical teams, and business focused users. 

The workshop gives an overview of the position of Big Data, including the relationship between Open Source and SAP products, painting a picture of the future state of a Big Data landscape.

What you should expect from the day:

This Big Data Discovery Workshop provides a short, focused look at what Big Data is and how it can help your business. 

Understand Big Data terms and tools:

  •  What is Big Data?
    – History
    – Example Use Cases
    – Future
  • Why do Big Data?
    – How can it help me gain competitive advantage?
    – How can it help me exploit all my data?

  • Where do I start?
    – Business case
    – Business outcomes
  • Technology Mix?
    – Open Source
    – SAP
    – Others and Hybrid

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