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Why now is the time for utility companies to embrace Big Data

Today’s big businesses are in the business of Big Data. These are businesses for which information and analytics has become their lifeblood - set up in such a way as to make Big Data their competitive advantage. But if there’s one industry which is arguably better suited than any other for making the most of Big Data, it has to be the utilities sector.

This eBook provides a clear rationale for utilities companies to consider mobilising a Big Data initiative now, with a high-level framework to help you get underway. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • The drivers for Big Data in the utilities sector
  • How your utility can embrace the big data challenge
  • Big Data and GDPR - how to turn compliance obligations into an opportunity for change
  • Assessing your level of Big Data maturity
  • 8 example sector-specific insights you can leverage through Big Data

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