On-Demand Webinar: Create beautiful apps with Build &
SAP HANA Cloud Platform  
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For a long time, the most common criticism of SAP has been about the general user experience and especially the grey and blue interface.  SAP are fixing this with their Fiori apps and design philosophy but how can you apply similar processes to your own developments?

Join Vincent Escalier from SAP's Prouct Build Team and SAP and Gareth Ryan, HCP expert and SAP mentor on this recorded webinar recording for an in depth walk through of the key tasks you can achieve using SAP Build in combination with SAP HCP to both improve the overall UX of your apps as well as gain valuable insight into what your users really want.

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  • How Build integrates with other HCP development tools
  • Why Build can drive your whole ideation process
  • How to harness Build to improve your UX design
  • Which core features make-up the Build toolset
  • How to apply user insight to significantly boost app adoption