Technology focus: SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise & BusinessObjects Cloud

We'll help you develop a roadmap that enables you to measure business performance, identify areas for process improvement, as well as spot new customer experience and revenue opportunities.

With our help you can put in place a BI governance model that ensures you inspire multiple stakeholders with valuable business insights, at the same time eliminating 'shadow' BI practices.

We can help you assess and exploit the next generation of BI technologies including real-time insight, agile data visualisations and advanced predictive analytics, as part of a simplified and integrated BI portfolio.


Business intelligence strategy and roadmap

Using our structured methods and templates we can help you develop a business-focused BI strategy and roadmap for all areas of your business - including Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Sales & Marketing, as well as key decision-makers and specific business units. No matter what industry, we can help you transform performance through greater insight and more informed decision-making.

Agile 'Multi-modal' business intelligence 

We recognise the need to deliver information at speed to users when they need it. But we also understand the importance of maintaining central control and governance to eliminate unproductive and ungoverned analytics activities. We use an agile approach and methodologies to help you deliver on both fronts.


Next generation, real-time information platforms

We fully support SAP's mantra of driving business innovation by simplifying both process and the user experience. Our agile approach, deep BI experience and expertise in the latest tools and technologies means we can help you adopt the next generation of visualisation, real-time and predictive analytics. At the same time, we'll ensure your user needs are met, business outcomes are realised and your BI portfolio is simpler to manage.

BI Exploitation Assessment

“Now, we’re all working from one set of numbers and we’ve made life easier for our sales team.”


Supply Chain Director, Müller Dairy (UK)