"We chose AgilityWorks because we felt their experts understood our aims and had the experience to implement the change. They also spent time understanding our existing systems and processes, which gave us confidence they really knew the challenge."

Ben Newby, Director of Business Improvement, Bristol Water

The Business Challenge

For Bristol Water, the customer experience is central to all that they do as they strive to provide a service that not only satisfies their customers but also Ofwat, the industry regulator. The Customer Experience Improvement project set out to enhance the level of customer service delivered and launch a brand new web experience for Bristol Water’s customers.

To do so, Bristol Water needed a solution that would ensure all customer contacts could be captured and made available across the business. Sharing relevant information could then allow the customer service teams to fully understand the context of their engagement with each customer and respond most appropriately. In response to customer feedback it was also desirable to improve the online experience, providing further information and self-service options on the website

Transforming Customer Service

At the heart of the project was a fundamental change in how Bristol Water records and progresses customer enquiries.

A key achievement is the creation of a single, 360 degree view of all customer contacts and activities using SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) as a central repository. Deploying this solution across 21 front and back office departments enables employees throughout the business to collaborate in context of each enquiry and therefore respond most appropriately to the customer. Bristol Water also now has a robust means of recording every customer contact and appointment as is required by the regulator.

Those customers opting to engage with Bristol Water online are of equal importance and through a series of customer feedback workshops the final website design was selected with their input. Beyond a fresh look and feel, the new website also introduced self-service functionality powered by SAP Gateway technology, including “Raise a Service Request” and “Check My Service Request Status”. Customers now also have the option of receiving an appointment reminder via SMS.

Bristol Water Screen
  • Revised, customer friendly web experience
    providing new self-service capabilitiess
  • An intuitive end-to-end customer service solution that extends beyond the core operational customer service team to all teams with customer touch points
  • Reliable capture and visibility of customer appointments for planning and regulatory reporting, to support Ofwat SIM (service incentive mechanism) scoring and avoid financial penalties 
  • Much improved internal view of each customer,
    accessible through an enhanced user interface, tailored to the needs of different users and enabling them to take advantage of both SAP ECC and SAP CRM functionality in a single place