“We engaged AgilityWorks to help us define our Commercial Management IT Roadmap.
Their approach engaged senior stakeholders to sponsor the key initiatives that are increasingly critical to our business success.

Seb Jones, Supply Chain Director, Müller Dairy (UK)

The Journey

Determining what’s important and where to start. AgilityWorks were engaged by Müller to deliver a Commercial Management IT Roadmap Assessment. Through a lightweight structured set of workshops and interviews, a set of business issues and pain points were uncovered. To address these points, discrete solutions were identified and assessed by benefit, timescales, effort and cost. These solutions were then logically grouped and sequenced to form a roadmap of projects for the Commercial division. Trade Promotion Management and Commercial Forecasting were ranked as two high priority dependent solutions with the business value being dependent on both elements being delivered as a single integrated solution and process.    

The Solution

Demand Plan Financial Evaluation (DPFE)

Underpins the overall solution; taking the business-wide demand forecast and converting it to a P&L statement by taking customer-specific prices, terms and promotions into consideration as well as current production and freight.

Demand Plan Financial Evaluation
Account Planning

Account Planning

National Account Managers were provided with the capability to create multiple scenario versions of an account plan to compare different promotional mix and discount scenarios before agreeing a Joint Business Plan with the retailer. Report on the profitability of accounts based upon both the Müller and retailer financial year.

Integrated Trade Investment Management (ITIM)

This capability joins up the key trade marketing phases of planning, execution and analysis for both long-term trade discounts and short-term trade promotions. The solution enabled Sales and Supply Chain to work together more effectively through integrated systems and processes. ITIM directly integrated with the Account Planning and DPFE applications to provide connected account plans, joint customer business plans and commercial forecasts, delivering a single ‘version of the truth’.

Integrated Trade Investment Management

The joint Müller and AgilityWorks team provided a strong mix of business, process and technical capability. Once the baseline design and build was completed and played back to the key business stakeholders, a series of tweaks were made to the solution that were deemed critical for business adoption. An example being the intricacies of the solution for scenario modelling promotional mix within the account plan


Supply Chain Director, Müller Dairy (UK)

  • Significantly improved forecast accuracy An improvement in the alignment of the Sales and Supply Chain function on critical topics such as promotional uplift improving forecast accuracy
  • Integrated Trade Investment Management (ITIM) Improved efficiency in both the trade investment approval process with fewer re-approvals required, and set-up process with a single input
  • Business-wide transparency The performance of individual accounts, account plans and trade marketing activities
  • Accelerated Deployment Methodology Sales team able to spend more time with their accounts and less time in systems

    Significantly reduced cycle times in producing and calculating commercial business forecasts

    Significantly reduced spreadsheet dependency

    The capability to measure the performance of individual trade marketing activities and to use this insight in the planning and execution of future activity for improved returns

    Improved accuracy and detail in long-range planning and forecasting processes with a P&L level breakdown built from customer, day, sku, promotion level up