"Given the huge success and immediate benefits realised by our BW on SAP HANA migration,

I look forward to the next phase of our Data Analytics vision and strategy."

John McLarnon, Head of Information Systems & Information Technology at SHS Group

The Challenges

For SHS Group, reporting and analytics is vital to the business for both strategic and operational decision making. Information exchange is an important part of SHS Groups’ relationship with its customers and is central to how internal Operations create and execute their long term growth plans.

Their SAP Business Warehouse (BW) platform provides reporting and planning capability across all of the key business areas, but prior to SAP HANA it provided some common challenges to both those who create and consume the reports.


The Project

BW powered by SAP HANA for SHS Group: the roadmap for optimised analytics.

Following a series of technology assessment days and evaluation of market options, SHS Group selected SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI to provide a strategic platform for information management. With a view to better informing decision makers across the business and providing a platform for accelerated growth.

SHS Devices Graphs


Enhanced metric reporting, accelerated planning process, reduced auditor workload

Business Intelligence

Advanced insight per customer
Accelerated update on stocks

It is most encouraging when user feedback switches from one of disgruntlement to words like; fluid and responsive, ground-breaking, instantaneous, tremendous improvement...


Head of IS, SHS Group

 Benefits to SHS Group

The benefits of BW powered by SAP HANA were instantly realised by SHS Group with report times being improved by 98% on average.

Report times taking around 3 minutes prior to BW on SAP HANA now run in less than 2 seconds. This represents a significant productivity gain for reporting users now that their multitude of daily reports can be run in seconds rather than minutes. More importantly, key decision makers across the business can now request and review more complex, detailed reports to be better informed, in less time, more frequently than ever before.

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  • Data load times 70% improved
  • 6x Data Storage Compression