Introducing Connected Cloud Enterprise (CCE)

Unique managed cloud integration service

Lift your integration problems into the cloud and let CCE handle your integration challenge

Transparent fixed monthly cost

No large upfront costs or licence fees, all costs are clear, open and charged monthly

Start small, think big

CCE is scalable, with addons and packages to suit your business now and as it grows

Pay as you go

Pay for what you need, as you need it

What is Connected Cloud Enterprise?

Connected Cloud Enterprise is a Managed Cloud Integration Service, for midsized to large scale enterprises, covering integration from design and build through to ongoing support.

We utilise the class-leading iPaaS, as our platform to integrate on premise, cloud and hybrid landscapes.  We enable the connected enterprise, going beyond corporate boundaries to integrate with your customers and partners.

Hybris Cloud Logo As well as email, databases, FTP, HTTP, AS2, web services and many more...

Common Integration Challenges...

IT Director

"We need to move at speed and with reduced
cost; how can I remove the integration

HR Director

"I really like this Cloud Recruitment Package, 
can I integrate it with our existing HR System?"

Sales Director

“Why can’t we simply integrate this Cloud CRM
service with our existing systems?”

Finance Director

“Why can’t I pay for the services with a monthly
subscription as well?”

...solved by Connected Cloud Enterprise

So when would I use CCE?

Business Situation

Bought SalesForce, SAP Cloud for Customer or similar to integrate wtih on-premise ERP

Small number of interfaces, so delivering them internally is not cost effective

Need ongoing support, without additional headcount

What can CCE offer?

Proven integration technology for hybrid landscapes

Select package, and add-ons, based on your requirements

Proactive support included in all packages

Business Situation

Scope of interfaces increasing during project

Need support covering multiple timezones

Solution needs to be scalable

What can CCE offer?

Add new interfaces to your scope by moving up a tier or buying add on interfaces

Extended support can be added to any CCE package

Both the platform and services elements of CCE scale to meet your demands

Business Situation

High level of change expected to meeting evolving business requirements

IT needs to respond quickly to the demands of out business

Need to avoid paying for everything we may need up front

What can CCE offer?

Most CCE packages come with inclusive changes, with more available as an add on

CCE is based on a leading iPaaS combining the benefits of cloud delivery with an agile approach

CCE pricing is based on paying for what you need when you need it

Our Connected Cloud Enterprise Packages

£1 250
per month
3 Interfaces
All Standard

Online Support

Proactive Monitoring
Monthly Report

2 Dell Boomi Standard Connectors

£3 750
per month
10 Interfaces
7 Standard + 3 Enhanced

Online Support

Proactive Monitoring
Weekly Reports

Remote Atom Installation

4 Dell Boomi Standard Connectors

1 Interface Change per Quarter

£7 500
per month
20 Interfaces
14 Standard + 6 Enhanced

Online + Telephone Support

Proactive Monitoring Weekly Reports + Monthly Call

Remote Atom Installation

4 Dell Boomi Standard +1 Enterprise Connectors

1 Interface Change per Month

5 Remote Project Days

Premier Plus
Contact us to discuss your requirements
30 Interfaces
20 Standard + 10 Enhanced

Online + Telephone

Support Proactive Monitoring Weekly Reports + Weekly Call

On-Site Atom Installation

8 Dell Boomi Standard +2 Enterprise Connectors

5 Interface Change per Month

10 Remote Project Days

1 Dell Boomi Molecule

Get in touch to discuss your integration needs today