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API management enables you to create connected digital experiences for your consumers, partners and employees, sharing your data while closely governing its use both internally and externally. API management is the gateway to your enterprise - controlling who can access your systems and data, allowing you to keep your digital assets safe while embracing the hyper-connected digital world.

To be competitive in the digital economy, API strategies should be designed intentionally to avoid complexity as your use of APIs grows. APIs allow you to hide the complexity of backend systems and expose the functionality of your data in a consumable way, but as the number of integrations increase, you need a framework to stay in control. We’ll help you devise an API strategy to monitor your API environment, manage live APIs, retire redundant integrations and set the right API budgets. AgilityWorks’ SAP application support delivers a range of innovative features, built on the foundation of an ITIL-certified service desk. Log and track calls, perform updates or pull-down reports through our mobile app, or search an ever-evolving, self-populating database of real customer queries to save time and money in resolving issues or queries.

In the time it takes to design an API and then release it, there is a huge opportunity to iterate to make it better.Too often, APIs are built without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn and improve on the design prior to release. If you are too focused on the API build before you know what your users are trying to achieve, your API will fall short. We use an agile, design-led approach to first understand your users needs, then design APIs to meet those needs and use a continuous feedback loop to accelerate delivery.

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1. API maturity and landscape assessment 

The starting point for API management projects is an assessment of your existing landscape, and an evaluation of your organisation’s API maturity. You may be developing new APIs from scratch, or already have a fully fledged API strategy in place - simply requiring API management for enhanced control over your interfaces.

Whatever stage you’re at with your API strategy, our experienced consultants will work with you to plot the best way forward.


2. Building an API management strategy

Our considered approach to API management delivery sees us begin with an initial implementation for a specific strategic project, in order to develop a solid foundation on which to build.

Those initial APIs serve as the trial project for further development, with more and more APIs built out as and when you need them, following a path that’s perfectly aligned to your business priorities and needs of your users

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3. Ongoing API support and development

Alongside the design and build of your APIs, AgilityWorks also develops the back-end technology required to support your ongoing API development.


We identify and build the services that are needed in the back-end to enable your APIs - performing the configuration in API management to optimise every interface.


We can also provide consultation around the potential monetisation of your APIs, helping you to grow new revenue streams for your business.


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