The data landscape is changing. From cloud systems to big data, from IoT datasets to micro-services, you need to adapt the way you manage data in order to face tomorrow’s challenges head-on. The demands on data are changing too - with the shift to real-time analytics and emerging techniques such as Machine Learning and Data Science, presenting a real challenge for traditional architectures.

Data is the foundation on which all your transactional business processes and decision-making is built. Poor-quality data can have a damaging effect on your organisation, exacerbated over time as the data spreads through your processes and downstream systems. A culture of data ownership and accountability can drive data governance, yielding the high-quality data that can bring competitive advantage.

Today’s data protection regulations (such as the GDPR) place significant obligations on the management of your data - with the risks of non-compliance ranging from reputational damage to crippling financial penalties. In many organisations, data protection is viewed purely as a legal or marketing challenge, but in reality, the impact is significantly wider - requiring ongoing management of the complete data lifecycle and data landscape.

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1. Data strategy design

Our experienced consultants will work with your organisation to formulate an Enterprise Data Strategy, designing a clear framework aligned with your business outcomes.

This strategic foundation then enables you to build a detailed roadmap to help your organisation achieve data excellence - defining the people, processes and technology that will help you achieve it.


2. Master Data Assessments

A Master Data Assessment shines a spotlight on one or many of your data domains to analyse and benchmark against best practice. Our Maturity Data Assessment will analyse the ‘as-is’ standards, policies and procedures, as well as your data maintenance and remediation processes - before delivering a range of findings and recommendations.

These recommendations help your organisation to standardise processes and increase accountability, both through ‘quick wins’ and longer-term strategic initiatives.


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3. Technology evaluation and selection

With our wide-ranging knowledge of data technologies, AgilityWorks can provide impartial advice to assist with ongoing technology selection. We can guide the end-to-end selection process in full, providing deep subject matter expertise and real project experience to ensure you chose the right mix of technologies across your current and future use cases, strategic objectives, timescales and budget.

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