Technology focus: SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Combining powerful HANA based algorithms with actual data insights, SAP Predictive Analytics enables you to anticipate and capitalise on future trends and behaviours. As features within SAP Analytics Cloud along with HANA options using the Predictive Analytics Modeller, There are multiple options that allow you use your own data to train predictive models and get a glimpse into the future of your market - generating accurate, timely insights that promote more profitable decision-making across your enterprise.

SAP Predictive Analytics makes sophisticated, self-learning data models more accessible than ever, and supports your efforts to leverage the power of predictive analysis within your existing landscape. Putting paid to the idea that a pure Data Science background is required to implement a predictive model, SAP Predictive Analytics enables automation of the modelling process, making it easier for keen business analysts to develop and deploy intelligent models for every data-mining function.

SAP Predictive Analytics allows you to scale and simplify your organisation’s predictive capabilities, offering integration with R-Algorithms, as well as an abundance of HANA algorithms, straight out of the box to drive a much quicker return on investment. With SAP Predictive Analytics, you can embed sophisticated predictive models into line-of-business applications and business processes, in a matter of days, rather than months.


1. Developing your use cases

Traditionally, organisations have struggled to identify meaningful use cases for predictive analytics. At AgilityWorks, we can help pinpoint how and where predictive models will best serve your business, using our expertise to address business challenges and identify opportunities in the context of your data.


Our experts will then help identify the sources and data sets necessary to bring those predictive models to life, mapping each use case to a predictive algorithm and training it to ensure ever-improving accuracy.


2. Building prototype predictive models

With your use cases defined and clear business outcomes established, we help you build prototype predictive models in an agile, iterative fashion.


But building the model is only the beginning - it then needs to be deployed into operations, seamlessly integrated with your business processes and applications.


Here at AgilityWorks, our experience with the broad spectrum of SAP applications allows us to execute these integrations for optimised results and with minimal disruption.


3. Analyst training and ongoing support

Realising the full potential of your new-found predictive capabilities means having people in your business that can interpret and apply the data models effectively.


We therefore provide training and support for your analysts to ensure insights are understood in the right context, and offer ongoing support to the line of business experts who may not have the time or knowledge to build, monitor and modify their own data models.


By helping build up the requisite knowledge and skills right across your organisation, we’ll draw you nearer to a place of predictive analytics maturity.


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