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SAP C/4 HANA Data Cloud

Getting ahead in today’s digital marketplace means delivering the kind of frictionless customer experience that drives long-term loyalty. Part of the C/4HANA UX suite, C/4HANA Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) helps you boost engagement by providing a streamlined, secure and user-friendly way for customers to connect with all your digital properties - providing seamless registration and login across all your channels and touchpoints.

In the age of GDPR, your digital relationships with customers must be built on the solid foundations of transparency, trust and consent. C/4HANA Data Cloud supports your privacy processes by providing a single point of management for a customer’s marketing preferences, even across multiple brands and channels. Not only does this protect your customers’ rights, it enables you to maintain their preferences in your relevant systems to ensure compliance.

With the ability to identify customers across multiple channels and devices and then use analytics to drive targeted personalisation, SAP C/4 HANA Data Cloud can turn anonymous online visitors into loyal customers. This powerful technology will enable you to develop unified customer profiles across all your brands and identify how, when and what devices your customers are using to interact with you. These powerful insights can drive better segmentation - improving relevance and maximising your marketing ROI.


1. The art of the possible

In the initial phase of our engagement, we’ll introduce you to the art of the possible - taking a pragmatic approach to the project by identifying what can realistically be achieved for your business. We’ll seek to understand your sales and marketing goals, and help you shape your desired customer journey, mapping out your digital touchpoints and key channels.

We’ll then show you the capabilities of the SAP C/4 HANA Data Cloud platform, and help you develop a permission-based data strategy that enables you to reach customers through cross-channel personalisation in ways that have not been possible before.


2. The discovery phase

With the project goals defined, we start to develop a roadmap towards realisation, identifying the people, tools and technologies required to deliver your desired outcomes.

SAP C/4HANA Data Cloud touches multiple business functions from sales to marketing to customer service, so we’ll bring your teams together to ensure all their different needs are supported, while identifying the integrations required to unify your customer data.

With SAP C/4 HANA Data Cloud, you can start working with the toolset straight away, using pre-built integrations and templated solutions out of the box. In tandem with our agile methodology, you can therefore develop your solution iteratively to minimise project risk, while maximising time to value.


3. The realisation phase

The realisation phase is where we bring your solution to life, integrating all your data points into the new system before the solution is rolled out.

Successful data integration is the key to unlocking the benefits of SAP C/4 HANA Data Cloud, providing a seamless layer of information across all brands and channels, which in turn drives increased business insight and a superior customer experience.

At the same time as ensuring access and availability of this data, we’ll work with you to create a governance framework that keeps your customer information secure and compliant with the ever-tightening data laws, such as GDPR and ePrivacy.

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