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SAP Cloud Platform

As an enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), SAP Cloud Platform provides a development and runtime environment for your cloud applications. Cloud Platform is the foundation for SAP Leonardo - SAP’s digital innovation methodology - which accelerates the development and deployment of next-generation apps that leverage new, intelligent technologies.

SAP Cloud Platform is not just the designated platform to develop and deploy new business applications, it also enables seamless extension and integration of your existing cloud apps. With Cloud Platform, you can securely unify your business processes and data between cloud and on-premise applications in real-time, irrespective of the application location or data source.

Through its ‘Experience Maker’ toolset, SAP Cloud Platform enables you to design and deliver beautiful, streamlined user experiences that dovetail across all your digital touchpoints. Focused on the four key principles of design, development, engagement and collaboration, Cloud Platform allows you to rapidly develop UX prototypes in collaboration with your team, while engaging end-users for all-important feedback.


1. Application development

With SAP Cloud Platform, we can help you turn your vision for an intelligent digital enterprise (developed via SAP Leonardo’s design-thinking methodology) into reality - designing, building and deploying applications that overcome real business challenges and bring real value to your business.

Our approach to application development typically starts with discovery sessions and proof of concept projects, before an iterative and agile build phase that ensures you maximise your return on investment.


2. Cloud management and integration

AgilityWorks brings global expertise in cloud management and orchestration, allowing our customers to benefit from the flexibility, scalability and security of a private cloud platform.

Recognising that few businesses run completely in the cloud, we help create and manage hybrid cloud and on-premise environments, for SAP customers that want to run multiple platforms without having to rewrite everything as they go.

Connect your cloud and on-premise apps to eliminate data silos and make digital access easier than ever, while tapping into powerful intelligent technologies like blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence to drive your business forward.


3. App extensions and continued innovation

At the heart of SAP Cloud Platform lies the capability to personalise and extend on-premise and cloud solutions - quickly adding new functionality to optimise investments you’ve already made.

AgilityWorks’ experienced consultants can design and develop application extensions that help you respond to ever-evolving business challenges, accessing on-premise systems like SAP S/4HANA or extending other SAP cloud-based systems to help you innovate without re-inventing the wheel.

The rate of innovation is relentless in the digital era. We’re here to provide the flexibility and capability you need to maintain a leading edge.

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