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SAP Leonardo

A collection of intelligent technologies (such as blockchain, machine learning and IoT) on one open cloud platform, SAP Leonardo opens up a world of innovation opportunities regardless of your current IT landscape. With the road to digital transformation littered with organisations that failed to adapt, SAP Leonardo helps you innovate better, faster and with lower risk.

As SAP customers continue to transform business models to adapt to the digital era, the future ultimately belongs to the intelligent, self-running enterprise. SAP Leonardo offers three distinct pathways for that transformation - enabling you to optimise your business with embedded intelligence, extend your processes with industry innovation kits, or break new ground with open innovation.

SAP Leonardo puts design-led thinking and user experience right at its heart - just like we’ve been doing at AgilityWorks since our inception. A customer-centric approach sits at the core of SAP Leonardo’s innovation kits and open innovation service, allowing you to identify and solve the right problems with an iterative, agile approach.

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1. Innovation discovery sessions

Engaging you in a user-experience, design-thinking approach from the outset, our initial work will explore the business challenges you face, identifying the drivers for innovation across your organisation.

Through idea-generation workshops and discovery sessions with key project stakeholders, we’ll identify the innovative use cases for technology that can help address your unique challenges, and add real value to your business.


2. Proof of concept phase

Stage two brings those new ideas to life, as we turn the project plan into a workable solution that helps to prove the business case.

The route to the intelligent enterprise is based on bringing together new technologies that integrate across platforms and processes. It starts with enhanced data insights, so we’ll leverage SAP Leonardo’s power in big data and advanced analytics, demonstrating through prototypes and iterative mockups the potential outcomes your business could achieve.


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3. Implementation and roll-out

While the methodology of design-thinking sits at the core of SAP Leonardo, the suite is designed to help you push concepts right through to delivery.

At AgilityWorks, we’ll help you productionise and implement your solutions, running an initial pilot for a period of time before rolling out and scaling-up - be that globally or through specific areas of your business.

From there you’ll have a framework and the experience to face other tough business problems and to continually innovate and transform into a truly digital enterprise.


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