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SAP Process Orchestration

From simple workflows to complex processes, SAP’s Process Orchestration (SAP PO) tool enables you to develop innovative process applications that span your on-premise solutions landscape.

SAP PO is the go-to SAP technology for unifying applications that don’t run in the cloud, overcoming the challenges of integration between multiple on-premise tools, vendors and versions.

SAP’s Process Orchestration combines Process Integration (PI), Business Process Management and SAP Business Rules Management - all the tools you need to extend the capabilities of your on-premise environment.

Agility Works can help you migrate to SAP PO from older legacy versions of SAP PI, reworking content no longer supported by its latest version.

If you’re running multiple on-premise applications and invest in a single cloud tool for a one-off requirement, Cloud Platform Integration may not be necessary - yet on the flipside, in this scenario integrating with SAP PO can present you with a number of challenges.

Whether you want to integrate your on-premise landscape with, other cloud-based SAP solutions or non-SAP SaaS, we can advise you on the best approach and most appropriate toolset.

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1. Integration strategy

At AgilityWorks, we offer a structured approach to devising integration strategies, using our proven methodology for building integration roadmaps, as well as running integration and migration projects.

Whether your legacy SAP PI integration is simply no longer fit for purpose, or requires optimisation to address specific industry challenges, we’ll design and deliver a strategy that meets your exact requirements.


2. Platform integration assessment and migration

Migrating to a new on-premise integration platform requires careful consideration and should only be considered following a thorough assessment of your current landscape and existing live integrations.

We’ll help you properly evaluate your current situation and then answer key questions such as - What's in your landscape? How much of it can be carried over and how much must be reworked? Once the way forward is clear, we’ll deploy a number of SAP tools to ease the transition.


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3. Hands-on integration support

Beyond the design thinking and top-level strategising, first and foremost, we pride ourselves on being the ‘consultants who implement’.


Many SAP customers are short on capacity or skill sets in the SAP Process Orchestration arena and need on-site support to address either a backlog of work or a time-critical project. Whatever the situation, our integration experts are on hand.


We can provide on-the-ground integration support as a standalone service, or as part of a wider SAP S/4 HANA programme.


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