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SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)

SAP’s Cloud Platform Integration tool (CPI) represents SAP’s current direction of travel, as the power of the Cloud continues to pervade more and more business areas. Using pre-packaged integration flows to jump-start integration projects, CPI helps to bring together hybrid landscapes of SAP and third party applications, connecting your cloud applications with other apps both in the cloud and on-premise.

For large enterprises that run multiple SAP and non-SAP systems across both the front and back office, integration complexity is key challenge for line of business teams, as well as your IT function. We can help you develop an integration strategy that brings together hybrid applications, data, mobile devices, social networks and 3rd party systems, with simplified and reliable connectivity. 

With the rapidly increasing number of cloud apps in use across the modern business, plus the specific nuances of every integration - finding the talent and expertise to bring your applications together effectively is a challenge for many businesses. At AgilityWorks, our experts combine unrivalled SAP experience with wider cross-platform expertise, enabling us to deliver innovative integration solutions in even the most complex and diverse of landscapes.

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1. Integration Strategy

Whether it’s as part of a wider transformation programme such as S/4HANA or an individual interfacing project, we’ll help you set your integration strategy - firstly defining why and where best to use the various tools in the SAP integration suite. Businesses implementing SAP Cloud products (such as SuccessFactors or Marketing Cloud) will typically require an element of CPI to integrate with on-premise systems, but we’ll help you identify the right approach in every unique situation


2. Best practice and governance support

For those SAP users well-versed in on-premise tools like Process Orchestration, the guidelines, governance models and naming conversations that have been established for years to help you manage your BAU environment now require fresh thinking. For instance, when running the new CPI system, how can that governance framework be replicated? What is different about using the CPI tool over other options, in terms of managing the content and governance of the tool itself? We’ll help you

answer all the key questions that modernising your integration approach will bring.

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3. Ongoing management of your integration platform

Together with the strategy, consultation and support, AgilityWorks can also provide hands-on support for your integration projects too. We can help you build interfaces for a broad range of scenarios including those most commonly required by SAP customers - such as integrating SAP with We’ve already developed pre-built connections and a catalogue of integration flows to save you time on those typical use cases, but you can also engage us to help you with completely new scenarios that are unique to your business.  


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