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SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain

SAP Integrated Business Planning uses the power of HANA to give you real-time insight into external and internal customer demand.
The enhanced sales and operational planning capabilities of Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) enables the decoupling of supply and demand for materials, while the latest planning algorithms and data helps you gain insight into demand. This all drives your supply chain - allowing for inventory optimisation and management of critical safety stocks.

SAP S/4HANA provides the kind of warehouse functionality never before seen on SAP ERP - allowing you to manage the flow of labour throughout the warehouse and make the most efficient routes when picking goods and materials.
S/4HANA Embedded Warehouse Management also provides in-built capability for barcoding, labelling and scanning as well as Radio Frequency Identification - providing the opportunity for further efficiency gains in your warehouse operations.

SAP Transportation Management in S/4HANA allows the scheduling and pricing of all freight, including the various bidding processes required to determine the best carrier.

This means you’ll benefit from optimised route planning and scheduling that considers country-specific regulations, as well as material-based conditions (such as dangerous goods). You’ll also be able to monitor shipments in real time using links in third-party tracking solutions - all while providing proof of delivery information back into SAP S/4 HANA.


1. The Digital Roadmap

In the initial phase of our engagement with you, we’ll establish a vision for your project and introduce you to the areas of SAP S/4HANA that can drive value across your business.

We’ll help you understand the key capabilities of SAP to transform your supply chain, and design a digital roadmap that gets you there faster.

With a clear vision defined and component selection complete, we can move on to the discovery and delivery phases.


2. Discovery and Realisation

At stage two, we’ll define the high-level solution design and focus on any complex areas that will influence the timescales of the overall project plan.

This phase also defines the release strategy for the solution and how this can work best for your business.

Realisation looks at outstanding gaps and begins the iterative build of the solution. Through constant reviews and demonstrations of the new solution during build, we’ll make sure you understand the solution and how it works for you.


3. Continuous Improvement

Once the solution has matured and is moving into deployment, we’ll look at the next design phase and how we’ll further iterate and improve the overall solution.

We’ll focus on specific business areas and new capabilities released by SAP, and assess how they can improve your existing set of business process.

Our analytics team will meanwhile harness the power of the new SAP data model, using the latest reporting capabilities to drive further efficiencies within your supply chain.

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“Now, we’re all working from one set of numbers and we’ve made life easier for our sales team.”


Supply Chain Director, Müller Dairy (UK)