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SAP Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

Trade marketing accounts for a significant proportion of a manufacturer’s annual spend - covering not just trade promotions but also investments into the relationship with retail and wholesale customers. Yet despite the high costs, these investments are often regarded as simply the cost of doing business, made without any real capability to predict impact or measure ROI after the event. SAP Trade Management gives you the insight you need to make your investments work harder.

Running promotions may seem straightforward, but it’s an activity that touches on virtually every department in the business - from sales and marketing to supply chain, manufacturing to finance. With so many people involved, even the smallest of efficiency improvements represents a big opportunity. Move away from paper-based processes and antiquated systems and align your departments in streamlined processes for real business benefits.

Amidst ever-changing market conditions and a volatile economic climate, manufacturers need to react quickly and make fast, yet informed decisions. Take too long to re-strategise in the face of macro- and micro-economic factors and by the time you’ve worked out the likely outcome, you’re already counting the cost. Through our work with SAP TPM, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to stay informed, and stay agile in the face of rapidly changing market forces and customer buying behaviour.

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1. TPM Discovery & Benefits Workshop 

Of particular value to customers who haven’t previously worked with TPM tools, are our Discovery Workshops that can take you on a test drive of the SAP Trade Management toolset. We’ll walk you through standard processes, show you what an account plan might look like in TPM and demonstrate how to quickly and simply create a promotion.

This initial session is typically followed by a Benefits Workshop, where we put those learnings into context and illustrate what TPM can do for your organisation -  proving value and building the business case.


2. Specialist trade management implementation

Our workshops are followed by a project definition phase, designed to shape and define what the project will look like, agree on the project scope and create a plan for implementation.


The implementation itself is delivered by AgilityWorks FMCG specialists who not only understand the technology but also your industry and business processes. Experts in the highly specialised field of SAP’s Trade Management suite, we’re the first UK organisation to deliver implementation of TradeManagement 3.0 - the latest release from SAP.

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3. Dedicated trade management support 

Post implementation, we continue to provide support for your trade management solution - through specialist, dedicated trade management teams based in our nearshore SAP application support function.


Designed not just to provide troubleshooting and technical assistance, but also to work on enhancements and small add-on projects, we provide the kind of specialised TPM support that a generic SAP support partner simply can’t deliver.


Even for businesses with an in-house SAP support model, the specialist nature of SAP Trade Management makes it a difficult area to support without considerable investment in the right skillset. AgiltyWorks can supply all the support your need in a more cost-effective and scalable manner.


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“Now, we’re all working from one set of numbers and we’ve made life easier for our sales team.”


Supply Chain Director, Müller Dairy (UK)