Technology focus: Integration Platform as a Service - iPaaS

Enteprise technology has become scattered with a complex mix of cloud-based apps, on-premise legacy systems, mobile and virtual servces. Without effective integration, this hybrid landscape is disconnected, limiting the agility of your business. We can help you embrace a new approach enabling you to compete as a truly connected enterprise.

To meet today's connected enterprise demands, traditional point-to-point integration tools and middleware no longer cut it. We work with cloud-based integration solutions, also known as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), providing the fastest and easiest way to connect new technology to the rest of your enterprise. 

With more and more apllications and simpler ways to unify them, the need for a clear integration strategy that supports the long-term goals of the business is paramount. As one of the UK's leading cloud integration partners and SAP consultancies, we have extensive experience in defining effective integration roadmaps.


Building an integration strategy

We'll help you develop a Cloud application integration strategy by carefully assessing your current IT landscape, future goals, desired processes and available investment. You can engage us to complete a comprehensive enterprise integration roadmap, a proof-of-concept, a product selection or to develop strategies for tackling a range of complex integration scenarios, such as bringing together with on-premise SAP ERP.

Best practice implementation with iPaaS 

We can support you through the lifecycle of implementing and managing Cloud-based solutions and we specialise in the design, build and ongoing support of the leading iPaaS suites. We can support a range of integration scenarios, including:
  • Integrating service desk applications (e.g. Salesforce with BMC Remedy)
  • Linking Marketing and Sales platforms (e.g. SAP Cloud for Customer and HubSpot)
  • Provisioning an API layer to enable third party development
  • Integrating Cloud-based recruitment platforms with HR systems, such as SuccessFactors and Workday
  • Integration of SAP on-premise and SAP Cloud solutions


Taking an Agile approach to Cloud integration

Enteprise integration using iPaaS enables the more effective deployment of projects using an Agile methodology. The simplicity inherent in iPaaS enables you to try out new ideas, test integrations rapidly, to iterate easily and even enable business users to experiment themselves. Agile development is at the heart of what we do and we can make it work for you - helping you to build a connected enterprise that can stay competitive and relevant in today's fast moving digital economy. 

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