Technology focus: SAP Master Data Management & SAP Master Data Governance

For businesses to become digital and operate in real-time, they must rely on accurate and context-relevant data. With so many potential approaches to SAP data management and business intelligence, a clear, overarching strategy is critical for success. SAP data management is a complex journey - and we’ll help you develop the right roadmap aligned to business goals.

Master data is one of your most valuable business assets. Processes drive the effectiveness of your organisation, but even the most elegant process will fall over if your underlying masterdata is poor. That’s why we work with you to build a governance framework that underpins its collection, validation and maintenance, helping you avoid the costly consequences of bad data. 

Migration projects are risky and if not done correctly can delay the go-live of new applications, as well as hamper user adoption. The complexity of SAP data migration can catch even the shrewdest organisation off-guard - in fact, 50% of migration projects fail without the proper integration tools or quality measures in place. We’ll help you get migration right.


Data management strategy and roadmap

An effective data strategy brings together people, process and technology to drive the culture of embedded data quality right across your business. We use this central principle, alongside a structured model and templates, to successfully deliver business-led data management strategies to customers in a wide range of industries.



SAP Master Data Governance deployments

As a leading partner for SAP Master Data Governance, we have extensive experience of supporting SAP MDG deployments across the globe. Our process-focused approach can be applied to multiple operations and functions within a global organisation. We'll help you improve data accuracy, internal resource efficiency and control with our SAP MDM (Master Data Management) to SAP MDG (Master Data Governance) assessment services:

  • SAP MDG feasibility study
  • SAP MDG Proof of Concept
  • SAP MDG deployment (full scale)

Data migration with SAP

We have an unparalled track record of delivering successful data management initiatives globally, many of which have involved highly complex challenges. Through a proven, best-practice approach, we plan, manage and execute SAP data migrations on an international scale - helping you turn data into actionable business insights. We recognise the complexities and pitfalls of data migration, and put in place a structured, managed framework to control these risks and resolve the issues commonly associated with migrating from legacy data systems.

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