On-Demand Webinar: Fast-forward your digital journey
with SAP HANA Sidecar 
Watch this 40 minute on-demand webinar now.

A key enabler in becoming a digital enterprise is the core technology upon which your company runs. With such a platform your business will be more agile and responsive to its customers and competitors.

Download this recording to hear from our digital experts Matt Potts and Matt Riches and learn how SAP HANA sidecar can accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise.

Download now to learn:
  • How process mining and visualisation enables business process excellence

  • How the HANA Live sidecar drives real-time business reporting and analytics

  • Why SAP BW on HANA further optimises processes & real-time reporting .

  • Why HANA sidecars also put you on the path to a digital future with S/4 HANA