• Improve your returns from 
    trade marketing spend by 3%.

  • Realise improvements in 30% less time.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Even for an industry which expects to deal in continual disruption and change, the current impact of digital upon the Consumer Products industry has been extraordinary. The interaction between consumers, shoppers, brands, manufacturers and retailers has been altered forever through technology which has also transformed habits, behaviours, relationships and expectations.

Through the eyes of the consumer

Today shoppers and consumers expect more; from brands, from products, from retailers and crucially from one another. Through a new found ability to share experiences, thoughts and information, consumers have redressed an imbalance that previously existed between them and FMCG manufacturers.

The connected consumer expects convenience, relevance, reliability and responsiveness from the brands and businesses they engage with; they deal in journeys and experiences now, made up from an extended series of physical and virtual touch-points.

From through-the-line to beyond-the-line

Where once, direct relationships with shoppers and consumers were the preserve of the retailer, the lines have been redrawn. Brand owners can now interact with their consumers and shoppers directly through a new suite of always connected, highly accessible channels.

It is now possible to reach consumers en masse, with highly personalised, relevant, contextual messages challenging classic definitions of above-the-line marketing; thinking has now evolved from through-the-line to beyond-the-line.

The traditional separation of trade, brand and shopper marketing has been brought into sharp focus through this blurring of ‘the line’. The challenge to manufacturers is now to execute their marketing strategy via the coordinated use of traditional and digital channels. These new digital channels are also being exploited by shoppers and consumers in sales and service use cases.

Digital is redefining relationships between manufacturers and retailers too, creating new opportunities and ways of working, in order to be more successful, collectively.

Driving Forward

Our FMCG Centre of Expertise draws together specialist industry experience, innovation, digital & technical excellence with enterprise-grade delivery management. Our engagements with clients are characterised by partnership, a ‘one team’ approach, identifying common goals and a focus upon long-lasting, valuable business outcomes. We have developed a series of implementation templates to accelerate the delivery of complex business solutions such as TPM.

We operate across a number of specialist CP commercial domains which include:

  • Commercial planning and forecasting
  • Top-down budgeting and enterprise planning
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Consumer marketing
  • Shopper marketing
  • Retail Execution
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Trade Promotion Optimisation
  • Promotion Evaluation
  • Trade Claims Management
  • Funds Management
  • EPOS integration and Consumer insight

Improving Business Outcomes from Trade Marketing and Commercial Forcasting

P As part of the Premier foods tender process our core criteria was a solid base of CP experience and a real "Intellectual Property" which would bring an insight of previous business Implementation highlighting both opportunities and risk.

From the onset of the tender process and subsequent engagement the AW team have been able to articulate and demonstrate clear understanding of business process level challenges and translate the SAP functionality into a system "enabling" solution.

The teams have worked closely together to develop the business engagement model via well structured workshops whilst building the internal technical capability to ensure the post project competence is in place to deliver future enhancement and Governance. N

Trevor Barrett, Premier Foods SAP Competency Centre

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