Alongside the ever-evolving SAP landscape, the rapid emergence of blockchain, machine learning, AI and predictive technologies is both exciting and overwhelming. We help you cut through all the hype, providing clarity on which technologies best fit your business needs, while navigating you safely through your transformation to S/4HANA and guiding you through the many questions you’ll face.

Such is the power of today’s technology, some of the world’s biggest brands and most successful businesses are built almost entirely on digital foundations. At AgilityWorks, we can show you how your business models, processes and customer experiences can be reshaped to put these emerging technologies at the core - identifying opportunities for process improvement to embrace digital in ways that work best for your organisation.

While technology gives you the potential to transform your business, no digital transformation programme can succeed without the full support of your people. After all, an organisation itself doesn't change, only its people do. So, we help you overcome resistance to change, instigating and inspiring effective buy-in across your workforce - putting people change front and centre of any transformation initiative.

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1. Roadmap development

The rapid rate of change in the business world (not just in the SAP domain) means every decision and investment you make has a significant domino effect.


We help you plot out each move and assess every impact - in terms of technology, business process and organisational change - by designing and developing an overarching roadmap for your digital journey.


As part of our planning, we’ll also introduce you to our business transformation framework, Chrysalis.


Working closely with your business, we’ll identify your goals, aspirations, risks and business plans, understanding the drivers of the business to assess whether transformation will be best delivered via a ‘big bang’ approach, or more through ‘progressive renovation’.


2. Implementing Dell Boomi

We can support you through the lifecycle of implementing and managing cloud-based solutions with Dell Boomi, supporting a range of integration scenarios including integrating service desk applications, linking marketing and sales platforms or provisioning an API layer to enable third party development.

At AgilityWorks, our experts offer diverse cross-platform expertise, enabling us to deliver innovative integration solutions - even in the most complex of landscapes.


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3. Managed service

Following the delivery of Dell Boomi implementation projects, we continue to provide support for the solution via a range of managed services - including the maintenance of Dell Boomi updates, system monitoring and the undertaking of new projects and enhancements.


When can help you design your API management strategy and also provide any gaps in your team with our own team of experts in API development, QA, SAP modules and Dell Boomi-specific integrations.


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