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From financial transactions to customer information and employee data, your SAP systems hold the most valuable data in your business - making security the cornerstone of any landscape design. With cyber threats ever-evolving and increasing in sophistication, it’s essential to take an enterprise-wide view on cyber security for SAP, establishing an approach that works within the unique nature of your landscape.

An optimised SAP landscape with reduced complexity will deliver considerable financial savings, not only reducing costs on infrastructure and hardware but consequently on associated support services. Hosting your landscape in the cloud reduces a number of overheads to reduce your overall cost of ownership, while easing potential on-premise concerns over downtime and data security

Whether you’re moving your systems to the cloud, maintaining an on-premise footprint or developing a hybrid approach, AgilityWorks helps you make the big decisions to define your landscape architecture strategy and then develop the roadmap to ensure it is fully optimised. And we can help you realign your SAP landscape due to business events such as integrating a recently acquired company, restructuring or process transformation.

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1. SAP landscape assessment

The journey to an optimised SAP landscape begins with an understanding of what you already have in place.

Our experienced consultants will undertake a detailed assessment of your existing landscape to identify any gaps, while understanding your future needs. This might include improving agility, performance and scalability, as well as enhanced security. It will also assess any new SAP applications that will be added into your environment, plus other key considerations such as your appetite to transition to the cloud or SAP S/4 HANA.


2. SAP landscape design

Following the evaluation of your existing SAP landscape, we’ll help you architect a new environment to meet your business goals planned SAP developments using a combination of SAP best practices and lessons learned from our own extensive experience in the field.

You may have performance problems, scalability and flexibility problems (in terms of your ability to react to the changing requirements of your business), or be suffering from availability issues, but whatever challenges your business is facing, we can design a solution that helps you thrive in the digital world.


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3. Supporting the migration to a new SAP landscape

Once recommendations have been made and the landscape design agreed, we can also provide the technical expertise required to assist your migration to a new SAP landscape.


As a certified SAP partner, we follow best practices for installations and configurations, enabling you to get the best out of your new landscape as quickly as possible. We’ll also ensure that your data integrity is maintained throughout the migration process, whilst fully testing the new environment to ensure it performs reliably and securely and can stand up to the added demands that drove your need to migrate in the first place.


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