Webinar Series:

Delivering excellence with Trade Management-

Views from the front line

Join AgilityWorks and SAP for a 3-part webinar series that will address the 'Why', 'How' and 'What' of Trade Promotion Management, Customer Business Planning and Trade Promotion Optimisation in 2018.

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As talk ignites about “Retail Armageddon”, consumer goods companies that have the tools to run end to end, joint planning with their retail customers are the ones to prosper and grow margins.  This series is aimed at helping Consumer Goods companies by giving a practical view of realising the potential.
In their latest TPx Vendor Panorama, the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) offered a positive review of SAP's strength and leadership in this space, recognising the work done over the past two years to listen to customers demands and respond with an updated offering that is firmly amongst the market leaders. 
AgilityWorks, recognised by the POI as a service partner for SAP TPx, will combine recent experience in shaping and implementing SAP Trade Management solutions for leading consumer goods companies with industry and solution expertise to run this series. 

Who should attend?

  • Those exploring an investment in an 'enterprise' Trade Management solution for the first time.
  • Those who have made a decision for 'point solutions' previously and would like to understand the opportunity of an end-to-end solution.
  • Those who have previously invested in SAP but have not yet fully realised the potential of an end-to-end Trade Management solution.
  • Those interested in optimising the retailer relationship using integrated Customer Business Planning tools.
  • Those who are not yet realising the full potential of Trade Promotion Effectiveness & Analytics to analyse ROI of every promotion.

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Webinar 1: Why - Tuesday 31st July at 12 pm - 12.45 pm

The need for Consumer Goods companies to meet the pricing pressures from retailers, whilst growing profitability and market share, has never been greater. In this first session we'll look at the current state of the market, sharing AgilityWorks' insights on the challenges and opportunities from partnering with leading Consumer Goods brands for more than 10 years, and explain why now is the time to act.

Webinar 2: How - Tuesday 7th August at 12 pm - 12.45 pm

In this session we will share experience and guidance on both how to shape and deliver a successful Trade Management project. This is an opportunity to get a 'front-line' perspective on topics including; approaches to defining the business case, change management, what works and what goes wrong in delivery.

Webinar 3: What - Tuesday 14th August at 12 pm - 12.45 pm

Get a rare opportunity to hear directly from Colby Sheridan, Global Director for Trade Management solutions at SAP, on the current capability of the SAP solution and  exactly how it answers the biggest demands in the market.